Who are we?

We are doctors having experience in applied clinical neurophysiology. This area of neurodiagnostic studies is located at the intersection of several specialties, such as neurology, neurosurgery, rehabilitation, anesthesiology, etc.
Having sufficiently wide experience in our profession, we were faced with certain problems that cannot be solved and resolved within the framework of modern legislation on such simple issues as, for example: who has the right to do intraoperative monitoring, or what kind of training a specialist needs to receive in order to get a proper qualification in clinical neurophysiology, how to master the elaborate modern equipment? We are faced with a lack of answers to the questions about the certification of specialists in this area, as well as the lack of qualified personnel in the country in this specialty.

What are we doing?

We develop recommendations for neurophysiological studies execution in Russia with following registration in the Ministry of Health of Russian Federation.
We provide training courses and seminars on neurophysiology in order to train qualified personnel.
We organize conferences to improve the qualification of neurophysiologists and to raise the quality of awareness of current problems and trends in the specialty.
We provide master classes of clinical neurophysiology methods both in Moscow and in the regions of Russian Federation.
We organize educational resources for the mastering of modern equipment complexes for various neurophysiological studies.
We provide expert evaluation of the work of specialists in neurophysiological methods.
We compose reviews and publications about modern aspects and problems of clinical neurophysiology in Russian and foreign literature.

Why are we doing this?

We want to standardize algorithms and methodological aspects of neurophysiological studies, to develop a modern concept of professional education and advanced training of specialists in clinical neurophysiology. We want to create resources for scientific and practical activities in clinical neurophysiology, which will be available to any specialist both from Moscow and from other cities and regions of Russia.
We hope that as a result of the Association's work legal issues will be settled both in the field of clinical neurophysiology education and in the sphere of specialists' awareness of topical issues of our specialty.
One of the objectives of the Association is to reach the international level of certification of specialists, creation of pilot multi-center and international projects, experimental scientific developments in the field of neurophysiology, development of methodological and legal aspects of work according to international approaches and peculiarities of the Russian legislation in the field of health protection, participation in the development of quality standards of medical care in neurophysiology and related specialties.

The founding documents of the organization can be found here.